Premium Italian gelato. Made locally from natural ingredients.

The Inspiration Behind Emma

The Inspiration Behind Emma

Sarolta started Emma La Dolce in 2017 with a mission to “make a better, sweeter world”.


What’s the inspiration behind Emma La Dolce?

When it comes to inspiration, I never know whether knowledge or passion counts for more.

Sharing desserts and sweet snacks have been a passion of mine since childhood. I started baking cakes for friends from a young age and spent my free time discovering the best sweets and deserts.

When it comes to inspiration, I never know whether knowledge or passion counts for more.
— Sarolta

As for knowledge, for 10 years I’ve been lucky enough to learn from the best Italian gelato maestros and pastry chefs. So right from the beginning of Emma La Dolce I had the passion, but I also had the knowledge to know that I could make something really great.


How did Emma La Dolce get started?

After gaining an economics degree I spent a decade helping small business owners to start gelaterias all over the world. It was a great job, but after the birth of my second child I decided I wanted to travel a bit less, and have something for myself. That’s how Emma La Dolce got started: a way to live a more flexible life and start something of my own.


What’s the philosophy behind Emma La Dolce?

I believe that luxury doesn’t mean having an expensive car or nice jewelry. Instead, for me, luxury is access to real, great quality food.

As a mother and as a responsible citizen, I always choose the best natural ingredients possible. I also try to balance local quality with global specialities. For example, strawberries and milk are great around Brasov but you’ll struggle to grow a good mango or make a really authentic ricotta!

...for me, luxury is access to real, great quality food.
— Sarolta

Finally, I've learned how important tradition is but I’m not scared of technology: at Emma La Dolce we use all the latest techniques to make sure our gelato is served at the perfect freshness and temperature.

At the end of the day, in my opinion, that’s why we make a gelato or a pastry product that it is worth queuing for.


What’s next?

Emma la dolce is not just a gelato, pastry & chocolate shop… it is a vision that I want to bring to people all over the world. Quality food is a luxury that everyone should be able to enjoy. So the next step is to spread the word!

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