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Top 5 Gelato Myths

Top 5 Gelato Myths

We all know gelato is delicious, but there are a few myths flying about online around its health properties. We’re here to separate fact from fiction…


Myth 1: You can’t eat gelato when you’ve got a cold

Reality: Gelato can actually help with a sore throat: it’s cold so will help to reduce inflammation, making it easy to eat. Good news for kids with colds... and adults who want to feel a bit better when they're under the weather!


Myth 2: Gelato isn’t good for you

Reality: As with anything else, it’s all about moderation. But Emma La Dolce gelato is made from fresh, natural ingredients so actually it can be pretty good for your nutrition! Our gelatos featuring nuts, egg or milk also have a nice kick of protein.


Myth 3: Diabetics Can’t Eat Ice Cream

Reality: Always check the ingredients! Lots of ice cream and gelato products have high levels of sugar, so make sure to steer away from these. But our gelatos are mostly made to have lower sugar levels and we’re always working to improve our diabetic-friendly options including our recent hazelnut with stevia gelato. Ask at the counter in Emma La Dolce, we’ll do our best to help you find the perfect choice.


Myth 4: The Best Gelato Is In Italy

Reality: Well actually this one is partially true! But Emma La Dolce is one of the few places outside of Italy that you can find genuine Italian gelato.


Myth 5: Gelato Makes You Happy

Reality: Fine, this one is true as well... But to find out why you’ll need to come along and taste one of our delicious new spring flavours.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at Emma La Dolce!

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